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Laundry Night’s a Drag

We all know drinking and driving is a bad idea, but little is said about the perils of drinking and washing. Cranberry-and-vodka cocktails mixed with white laundry is a bad combination, but no tears are shed over spilled drinks and stained shirts at Laundry Bar, one of the few places you can unload while you do a load. Mondays are home to another activity that becomes dangerous when paired with booze: free for all performances. During Open Mike Night, patrons can recite poetry, play instruments, tell jokes, or sing their favorite Cher song. (You can find solace by throwing some sneakers into the spin cycle to drown out yet another soulful rendition of “Believe.”) Local drag divas such as Golden Blonde perform more polished sets after the amateurs have had their fill. The party gets started at 10:00 p.m., and there’s never a cover. Call 305-531-7700.
Mondays, 2006


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