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Laugh or Die

You’d love to go to the Comedy Festival, one of the nation’s premier stand-up events, this November at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Unfortunately that involves booking a flight and a hotel, losing your kid’s college savings at the blackjack table, and possibly being buried up to your neck in the Nevada desert by vengeful bookies. Thankfully the Lucky 21 Talent Search gives you the chance to see Vegas-bound talent in the safety and security of your own city.

In perhaps the most ambitious comedy competition ever launched, 42 comedy clubs across America will select their best local talent to compete for a trip to perform at Caesar’s. You can help choose South Florida’s representatives when they perform for a panel of judges at 8:30 tonight at the Miami Improv. Two of the Magic City’s funniest will advance to the regional finals, which will be determined by the votes of Internet audiences at in one of the great experiments in comedic democracy. Will you stand up, laugh, and be counted?
Wed., Aug. 15, 8:30 p.m.


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