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Laugh and Lose Weight

Laughing burns mad calories. And in a city that calls America’s vainest, staying fit is the priority. Thankfully, the South Beach Comedy Festival starts Wednesday. Medically speaking, the four-day fest is the ideal setting to laugh and lose weight simultaneously. Though results may vary, New Times can all but guarantee you’ll laugh your ass off. Some of the world’s finest comedians will be your personal trainers, forcing you to belly-laugh until your abs are sore. But don’t feel intimidated. The festival employs comedians for all levels of funny. Jeffrey Ross, for example, is perfect for people who like to laugh at the expense of others, while the Whitest Kids U’Know provide ironic LOLz for hipsters and Harvard grads alike. Shaquille O’Neal’s All Star Comedy Jam is best for advanced comedy fans, folks who are ready to laugh until their bladders burst. Bill Bellamy, Gary Owen, and Capone will provide nonstop chuckles, while Salt-n-Pepa’s Spinderella will tackle the soundtrack. More than 20 acts will perform at this year’s festival.
Feb. 29-March 3, 2012


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