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Last Second

Comedian Chris Porter was just beginning to headline clubs when he tried out for the 2006 season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Though he came in second, Porter notes that the show “sent my career to another level in a matter of months.” After touring relentlessly, he took a month off to “regroup” and now is ready to hit the stage again. With a new DVD to promote later this year, he finds himself in the same cycle as many musicians.

“Go on tour, you come back and cut a record. I take that approach to it. The work never stops.... Once the DVD is released and everyone has seen these jokes, I have to go back to writing new jokes, because the big difference between what I do and what musicians do is my audience doesn’t want to hear the shit they’ve heard already,” says Porter. “With some comics, audiences will allow that, but my audience ... wants me to bring something [new] and relevant, which I love. I enjoy that expectation.” Fans can get some fresh laughs tonight at the Miami Improv. Porter will perform today through Sunday, July 22.
July 19-22


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