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Land of the Lost

How would you sum up South Florida life through art? A seashell sculpture depicting financial pyramid schemes? A foreclosed sandcastle? Whatever your approach, it's a tricky task.

Bear & Bird likes keeping our local creative types on their toes, so for its current exhibit, "The Sunshine Show," the boutique/gallery space wagered a challenge: Spark up that gray matter, create a piece on the topic of SoFla life, and get a space on our walls. The diversity of interpretation was overwhelming: More than 120 artists submitted work for the collection, with mediums ranging from acrylics and photography to cut paper and sock flamingos. Take a vitamin D-laced gander at creations by Dan Woodruff, Helena Garcia, N! Satterfield, Todd Nolan, and scores upon scores of other budding artists.
March 26-April 17, 2010


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