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Land, Ho!

You weren’t the only one who shed a tear when the Clevelander Hotel announced it would be closing for renovations. We also get a little emotional at the thought of losing one of our best friends, even temporarily. Where would we go to laugh at drunken, beet-faced tourists? Who would supply us with the humongous strawberry daiquiris we live for? But then we learned that our good buddy Clevelander wouldn’t be closed during renovations, and all the debauchery would continue as planned, just under a new, summery name: Big Drink Island. Hooray!

“The idea is to show people that we’re still the same fun, exciting place that we’ve always been,” says Jessica Bowles, promotions and entertainment manager for the Clevelander. “We’ll still have the ice-cold drinks, tons of entertainment, and the best happy hour in South Florida.” And just how happy are the hours on Big Drink Island? Well, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday you can pound Jäger Bomb and Cherry Bomb shots for just four buckaroos, every hour on the hour. Add half-price frozen and well drinks and hours of spontaneous entertainment, and you’ll never want to get voted off this island.
Mondays-Sundays, 2007


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