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Lady Dick

Like watching Burn Notice or reading a Carl Hiaasen novel, part of the fun of living in Miami is trying to distinguish what rings true in the fictional depictions of our city (out of disrespect, we won’t even mention Nip/Tuck). Enter the latest Lupe Solano mystery from local novelist Carolina Garcia-Aguilera. Don’t let her nine-year hiatus throw you. Garcia-Aguilera is back to her best with a violent plot that is both outlandish and meandering. So it’s fitting that her latest effort is titled Bloody Twist. Even more appropriate: The book features killer Chihuahuas and a $5,000-a-night virgin call girl. Those unfamiliar with Lupe — who slums it as a private dick even though she’s independently wealthy — will immediately cry foul. But Garcia-Aguilera is not your typical bookworm. Unlike her pedantic colleagues, she actually mucked it up as a PI in the ’80s. “I knew I wanted Lupe to be a private investigator, so I became a private eye. I’m pretty anal. I have to get things right,” the author says. So when Lupe is back in action, chasing chaste escorts and solving multiple murders, don’t doubt the source or that a virgin can command that kind of dough.
Fri., Sept. 24, 8 p.m., 2010


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