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Ladies' Man

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown is the title of one of Pedro Almodóvar's most popular films, but it could very well be the title of most of the works in his oeuvre. And his 1993 Kika — a satire of exploitive television, with shocking scenes of rape, incest, and dead bodies — is no different. Meet Kika, a high-strung bimbo and makeup artist who's so sexy she wakes up the dead. Her exploits are followed by a vampy TV host, Andrea Scarface, whose S&M-style, Gaultier-designed outfit got the film's poster banned from the London Underground.

It's all about women for this Spanish director who once claimed ladies are simply more spectacular to talk about. Thanks, Pedro, you're almost forgiven for that rape scene. See Kika at the Viceroy's intimate 30-person theater at the Spa at Icon Brickell this Tuesday. Tickets include a gourmet cupcake and popcorn.
Tue., March 9, 7 p.m., 2010


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