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Kings of Calle Ocho

Every year from Helsinki to Hell’s Kitchen, the Christian world celebrates Three Kings Day, the “epiphany” holiday that honors three magic wise men seeking and finding a holy baby in a haystack. Taking place every year in early January, it signals the official end of the Christmas season. But here in South Florida, everything runs on Miami time. So we’re having our party this Sunday at the 43rd-annual Parada De Los Reyes Magos, one of the biggest, longest-running Hispanic festivals in the country. This year, the three kings of Miami — LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh — are grand marshals in a parade route between Fourth and 17th avenues along SW Eighth Street. There will be giant balloons, live animals, marching bands, and the stars of Univision waving from giant, colorful floats. When the party starts at noon, you’ll be able to smell the fresh arepas cooking on a street griddle from Little Havana to Westchester.
Sun., Jan. 20, noon, 2013


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