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Supporting anything military-related these days is about as popular as NBC’s Celebrity Cooking Challenge. But if you are assuming that will deter the masses from attending this weekend’s twelfth annual McDonald’s Air & Sea Show, expect to be shocked and awed. According to organizers, millions pack Fort Lauderdale Beach each each year, making the show one of the world’s largest spectator events. And this year’s lineup could be the best yet.

The Super Boat Grand Prix will tear up the surf off Sunrise Boulevard, and the navy’s Blue Angels, the Canadian forces’ Snowbirds, and dozens of civilian aerial acrobatic acts will rock the skies over the beach. Sure, the spectacle might be a thinly veiled, self-aggrandizing display of American military muscle used as a recruiting event, but dwelling on that point is like dismissing the genius of Rocky IV as nothing more than anti-Communist propaganda.
Sun., May 7, 9 a.m.


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