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Kill Me, Hitchcock

The murderous Bob Rusk has robbed Babs of her life, but she has posthumously returned the favor by grasping in her cold, stiff hand the pin from his lapel. As much as he wants to abandon the accessory, he knows it could lead to his capture and ruin all chances of ascending to serial status. The ultra-bad news: He has already bagged up Babs and left her on a lorry to drift away to a land where his crime will go undetected. But that pin. His solution leaves the corpse with a few broken digits, but his outfit is again complete. And so goes Frenzy, the tale of the “Necktie Murderer” and penultimate film of Alfred Hitchcock’s career. Rape, murder, and all-around terrorism rear their ugly heads in this thriller that makes all of those Saw flicks look, um, ridiculous and redundant. Not that they are (cough), but Hitchcock’s old-school genius created the main character, Bob Rusk, who allegedly inspired serial killer Joel Rifkin’s spree. We don’t advocate the grisly murders of hookers, but we have yet to see a guy with a caricaturized clown mask terrorizing innocent citizens.
Thu., April 30, 8:30 p.m., 2009


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