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Kick ´Em in the Hotdish

A devoted Miami FC fan called "rev TT & Grin coco" (or is that two fans?) is so passionate about the United Soccer League that he or she goes to a fan forum site and posts the league's scores for the week, as well as an ad hoc pitch about the next game and how it will feature "freebies and fireworks, tickets $10." But the best part of this particular posting is "rev etc.'s" motto: "I am a football [i.e., soccer] fan who supports the underdogs. Giant-killing is what it's all about." The Minnesota Thunder is neither a team of giants, nor a giant team. In fact they aren't that good at all. But these games must be won, right rev TT? Tickets for the 8:00 p.m. game range from $6 (children) to $25. Get your kicks at Tropical Park Stadium. Call 305-377-2700, or visit
Fri., Sept. 1


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