Just Say No to Charlie Brown Trees

You though it was freaky when you walked into your wacky Aunt Misty’s home and spied an all-white aluminum Christmas tree. It was decked out in twinkling lights and metallic bulbs like any other pine, but the way that thing glowed after dark was a sight to see. Ever since that traumatic moment, you vowed to go with green and only green when it was time to hunt for a leafy something or other to put your gifts under.

FIU obviously has no problem fooling with the laws of the Yuletide matrix, because each December for the past two decades, the Interior Design Advisory Board has brought together a collective of architects and designers to create interpretations of holiday foliage that would make even your Aunt Misty cringe. Last year’s Festival of the Trees was a mishmash of innovation, featuring everything from two-liter soda bottles to Legos delivering visions of the holidays in the most avant-garde ways. This year’s fresh crop of displays will be up until December 23, so head to 801 Brickell Ave., Miami, to see what your plain old pine looks like through the eyes of dozens of artists. Visit www.festivalofthetrees.net.
Dec. 2-23, 2008


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