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Just My Size

After much debate, size really does matter. The preferred measurement: small, you know, less than 15 inches. Honestly, where do you expect us to put anything bigger? And even if we did have the wall space, our wallets couldn't bankroll the large-format art pieces usually found in galleries. Luckily, Artformz Gallery has "Small Wonders (art) Salon," an exhibit of art under 15 inches by 15 inches, on display through August 21.

The gallery's ten resident artists invited six of their SoFla peers to contribute their own bijoux. Among the paintings, drawings, photos, and sculptures are a howling wolf head courtesy of David Rohn, Victorian silhouette shadowboxes by Sara C. Rytteke, and Natasha Duwin's dreamscape embroidery work.

With prices as low as $100, the works are affordable enough to take home. A portion of the proceeds will fund ArtistaInvitatArtista, an artist exchange program that Artformz is organizing with a gallery in Spain.
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: May 27. Continues through Aug. 21, 2010


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