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Just Kidding Around

When Erika Morales was a little girl, her grandma warned her that if she swallowed watermelon seeds, vines would sprout from her bellybutton. And her father often recruited her as an assistant when he was tinkering with his inventions in the garage. The wide-eyed nostalgist has dipped into her sack of fading childhood memories for her first solo show, “Several Pieces,” opening tonight at 7:00 at Leonard Tachmes Gallery. The exhibit features a suite of fantasy-fueled drawings as well as an installation of inanimate objects that take on a life of their own.

“I will be arranging stuff like a vacuum cleaner, a vase, a table, a potted plant, and other knickknacks to interact in the space as if they had a personality of their own,” the artist says. Often her drawings, rendered on acid-yellow vintage paper, depict solitary humans or animals untethered from reality, suggesting the imaginary world of a lonely child. “I spent a lot a time alone when I was growing up,” Morales explains. “Many of the figures are isolated, but I don’t believe there are boundaries between people, animals, and objects, and hope to reflect that in the show.” On exhibit through November 18. Call 305-572-9015, or visit
Fri., Oct. 27; Oct. 27-Nov. 18


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