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Modern R&B is little more than pop music for throwing money at strippers, but one strong-willed woman still has the nerve to bring real soul. India.Arie stays true to her earthy spirit and holds it down for music fans who want to hear something real that sticks to the bones. Her new album, SongVersation, is also her fifth and carries beautiful melodies, classy grooves, smooth sensuality and that rich, full voice her fans know and love. The new album is Arie’s first in about four years. She has fought hard to maintain her identity and artistic vision in the face of corporate intervention. SongVersation is a return to basics — India doing India on her own terms. “This is where I’ve been for the last four years,” she says on her website. “I’ve struggled most of my career to feel comfortable with how things were, how I was treated, the politics of the music industry. I needed to pull back from the public eye to ground myself and rebuild my life and career. It’s a process many of us go through: spiritual maturation, spiritual awakening, clearing out the old and starting anew.”
Sun., Oct. 13, 8 p.m., 2013


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