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Just BeKaws

It’s taken you almost 12 months to recover from last year’s Art Basel — the annual clusterfuck of exhibits, parties, and, let’s face it, more than a little pretentiousness. Pretty soon, though, our city will once again be abuzz with loads of artsy-fartsy types from all around the world. If you like the city better when you’re the only one talking about the new, hot artist of the moment, feast your eyes on the work of Kaws and prepare to be awestruck. His works began as street-level graffiti art, but since then, the New Jersey native has shown his interpretations of modern culture filtered through a perspective that’s uniquely his.

Kaws’s “Saturated” exhibit will be on display at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. The show is curated by superproducer Pharrell Williams, and if he throws together works of art as well as he does snare drumbeats and synth lines, you can bet this collection of quirky and utterly cool artwork will be a masterpiece comparable to one of Pharrell’s Grammy-winning hits. Saturday’s opening reception takes place from 7 to 10 p.m., and the exhibit runs through November 15.
Sept. 20-Nov. 15, 2008


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