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Jorge Can Do

No Florida Marlins player has come out of the gates hotter than this season’s third baseman Jorge Cantu. Two weeks ago, Cantu set a Major League record by becoming the first player in history with at least one RBI in his team’s first nine games. Cantu found himself tied with George “Highpockets” Kelly of the 1921 New York Giants after the first eight games of the season. (Major League Baseball didn’t recognize the RBI as an official stat until 1920.)

In the ninth game of the 2010 season, Cantu hit one out of the park against the Reds’ Homer Bailey, breaking the record on a pitch thrown by a guy who has the name of a ballplayer from the 1920s. Afterward, Cantu was his usual understated self when he told the media: “It’s like, wow. I accomplished something very big.” Yes, Jorge. It was a real lollapalooza
Tue., May 4, 7:10 p.m., 2010


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