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Jazzed Up for Lunch

Saying, “Work sucks” is like saying, “Water is wet.” But for two more weeks you can make work just a little less sucky, at least if you work within easy distance of Coral Gables Museum Plaza, where on successive Wednesdays, April 20 and 27, you can catch two hours of free (as in “not pay”) jazz by talented local musicians. April 20 features the Stamps Jazz Quintet; on April 27, multi-wind instrumentalist Joe Donato takes the stage. You can BYO Lunch or pick up a boxed meal of slow-roasted chicken, cilantro rice and soda for $6.50 from Pardo’s Peruvian Cuisine. Work will still suck, but lunch won’t.
Wednesdays, 12-2 p.m. Starts: April 20. Continues through April 27, 2011


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