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Besides presiding "over the boards," as they say, what music producers like to do best is throw wicked birthday parties sponsored by energy drink companies like Red Bull (Motto: It gives you wings, plus an intensely overinflated sense of self that you can use to hit on any creature--animal, vegetable or mineral). Producer Jimmy Jamez's Bithday Bash at Poprox this Saturday should be no different, except that Jamez isn't stopping at his own born-on-date, but turning the party into a once-a-month showcase for local talent like Sindy Rush, Celine and the Hellbillyz, Diego Val, Dav Julca, Fabian Hernandez, Leah Kaire, Fidel Cashflo, and Ana Cristina.

DJ Rascal will be hosting, with a special appearance by American wildlife educator and entertainer Manny Puig. The silly string flies until 5 a.m. so take it easy on those RB&vodkas, buddy. Nobody like an early-riser.
Sat., June 27, 9 p.m., 2009


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