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J-a-g-e-r-m ... Ah, Screw It

Any douchebag with nothing better to do can yell out correct answers during classic Scripps Spelling Bee reruns of yore (praise be to ESPN for covering all such nonsporty competitions). It takes a real topnotch wordsmith to step up to the mike, give a decisive throat-clear, and w-i-n without even having to ask for a word to be repeated or used in a sentence. You probably couldn’t perform under that kind of pressure — or could you? What if the tension were ratcheted up by the kind of peer pressure that only a drinking game can provide? Imagine the high jinks if those middle-schoolers on your telly had just slugged back a shot of booze!

If you think you could not only (a) take one of those baby geniuses out with your mastery of the English language, but also (b) drink their sorry asses under the table, we invite you to put up or shut up at the monthly Drunken Spelling Bee at Purdy Lounge. For every word spelled correctly, you get a shot of Jägermeister. The winner receives a $50 bar tab and bragging rights with anyone in earshot. The shenanigans take place every first Sunday of the month and begin around 10:30 p.m.
First Sunday of every month, 2008


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