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It’s Raining What?

Head case Frank Zappa warned us not to eat the yellow snow, and now a show curated by Renee Cagnina suggests the heavens might part and rain down urine. “The Sky Is Yellow,” opening today at ArtCenter/South Florida, skewers notions of perceptions and truth through two- and three-dimensional works designed to fuck with the mind.

Participating artists have used traditional techniques, including trompe l’oeil, to toy with the illusion of space, and experimented with authentic and bogus mediums, natural and synthetic materials, and familiar and unknown objects in order to pull the wool over the eyes. The twisted group show includes works by Chaitra Garrick, Alex Heria, Marina del Rosario Huang, William Keddell, Kathy Kissik, Craig Kucia, Venessa Monokian, and Kyle Trowbridge. The exhibition begins tonight, and an opening reception is on tabs for Friday, July 13, at 7:00 p.m., when the complimentary Grolsch will flow, local fave Unheard Of will rattle the glass, and, if not the sky, at least the gutters will run yellow. See it through August 12.
July 6-Aug. 12; Fri., July 13


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