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It's Mahler Time

Are you ready to get your cochleas ruptured? To pop your ears over and over like you're in an elevator to auditory heaven? Then grab your black tie and strapless dress, because this Saturday, eight-time Grammy-winning composer Michael Tilson Thomas will conduct a noise parade of music by that crazy, underappreciated bohemian, Gustav Mahler. It's called the Mahler Legacy, and it's happening at the Knight Concert Hall.

Although it will offer a "rich panorama of life showcasing beautiful jubilation and tender bereavement," the concert hall will not be selling Mountain Dew or Doritos, so sneak in your own. If you thought Tilson Thomas was enough, wait till you see pianist Jeremy Denk slamming the bejesus out of that ivory, entertaining you with his phalanges of doom. Open your ears and let the monster inside!
Sat., April 10, 8 p.m., 2010


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