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It’s Legal, Baby

A brief lesson for those who were asleep during eleventh-grade American history: The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment, thereby ending Prohibition. Although the days of speakeasies are long gone and public drunkenness has been taken to new levels, Amendment XXI Lounge exists as a thankful reminder of why its namesake was instated. There is no bootlegging during Off the Radar Wednesdays, but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of alcohol or food. The full kitchen and bar serve hungry patrons and thirsty revelers all night. Treat your taste buds to a savory barbecue chicken pizza. And if you fancy a buzz over grub, three-dollar Miller Lites and five-buck Ketel One cocktails will keep you kicking till the wee hours. Resident DJs Ray Milian and Danny Ashe spin cutting-edge underground music. Doors open at 10:00, and there’s no cover. Call 305-571-7200, or visit
Wednesdays, 2006


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