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It’s Half Past 69

If you blink -- or get distracted by a beach babe -- you might miss it. But once you know it’s there, escaping the suffocating heat of a summer in South Beach will be only one of your favorite things about the World Erotic Art Museum. Your current second good excuse to wander into this shrine to all things XXX is the “Summer Ice, Erotic Treasures” exhibit, which is chock full of exotic treasures from the private collection of museum owner Naomi Wilzig.

There’s a wristwatch with erotic images instead of numbers, a diamond-studded gold figure of a couple in a sexual embrace, and a rare eighteenth-century French cameo depicting a bacchanal procession. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find a rose gold pinky ring shaped like that freaky dream you had last night. Another plus about this exhibit: You can disguise your voyeuristic stare behind a mask of artistic appreciation. But beware: These ain’t your mama’s pearls.
Thu., June 28


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