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Island Legacies

The sounds of Black History Month are diverse and historic. The groaning pains of the blues, the creative melodies of jazz, and the inspired vocals of gospel music are all given due respect in this fleeting period of ethnic homage. And this year the Miami Dade Public Library system is also recognizing black music from areas outside the United States. Sounds of the Caribbean with Reggie Paul is a family friendly celebration of reggae, calypso, zouk, and compas. “Since I’m performing mostly for the kids, I’m also trying to educate them about Caribbean music. I’ll do a little bit of, you know, ‘Hot, Hot, Hot,’ ‘Yellowbird,’ or ‘Day O’ to get the crowd into it. I get them up and dancing with some action songs,” says Paul. “I let them know that black history in America is not all there is. The Caribbean is where many of us came from.” Enjoy this special performance today at 3:30 at the Coral Gables Branch Library.
Mon., Feb. 6, 3:30 p.m.


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