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Intro to Crotch Rocket

You've seen them on I-95. They're the fluorescent blur between your car and the Toyota Corolla to your right — 110-mph missiles of leather, plastic, and disregard for domesticity.

Think of Florida Trackdays at Homestead-Miami Speedway as a sort of Hogwarts for these motorcyclists. They learn the tricks, get sweet outfits, and instead of chasing the seeker in Quidditch, they race around chasing each other's sweet purple jackets. Actually, it's more like Tron than Hogwarts, but that would ruin the school analogy and we won't let a little accuracy get in the way of our writing.

For $225 (or $205 if you pre-register), you can learn to race your motorcycle professionally, starting from the beginner classes and making your way up to expert. The skill levels determine when you can make passes on the track. See, it's just like a videogame that way. You get 50 points for snaking through a semi, 100 points for taking your bike off a sweet jump, but lose 50 points for giving the hang-loose symbol when you land.
Sun., Sept. 13, 7 a.m., 2009


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