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Intimately Hardcore

South Florida has a robust fetish scene. The mastermind behind it all is the Fetish Factory, which hosts the monthly party Alter Ego that draws crowds of nearly a thousand people. But this weekend marks the kinky venue’s biggest soirée of the year: the Fetish Factory 15th Anniversary celebration. On Friday, out-of-towners will get a glimpse of Alter Ego’s glam fetish scene at the Beat & Greet Fetish Party at Sea Monster. Saturday is the main event, the Fetish Factory’s 15-Year Anniversary Fetish Ball at Exit 66, featuring Rebecca, a dominatrix who also runs a dungeon; Empress Stah, whose act is shocking, masochistic, and acrobatic, as well as contortionists with model looks, DJs, dancers, and fire-eaters. For the hardcore enthusiasts, the Extreme Players Party at Solid Gold is on Sunday night. The Fetish Factory doesn’t play games when it comes to dresscode; it’ll be strictly enforced.
Sun., May 30, 10 p.m., 2010


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