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International Fashionistas

Bored with American style? Have you been wishing ill upon those rags hanging in your closet? Damn you, blue jeans! Die, T-shirt! Back away from the closet, crazy. To pay homage to the creativity and beauty of Colombian fashion, the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce is hosting Expo Moda 2007. The fashion extravaganza will show lingerie, swimwear, and more women’s and men’s clothing than your fashion rut can handle.

Designers are coming all the way from Colombia just so South Florida VIPs, international buyers, and lil ol’ you can get a chance to see the fab garments glide down the runway and maybe even slide into a shopping bag for you to take home. “The designers we choose are small and medium brands from Colombia. We’re trying to open up a market in the South Florida area for them,” says Claudia Guzman, public relations rep for the Chamber. You can thank them later
Thu., May 10, 7 p.m.


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