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Inferior Men

Comedy writer and former Upright Citizens Brigade member, Julie Klausner has news from the frontlines - of shitty relationships. Like most of us, she spent her twenties ricocheting from douchebag to douchebag, and she reveals every crappy moment in her dating memoir I Don't Care About Your Band: What I Learned from Indie Rockers, Trust Funders, Pornographers, Faux Sensitive Hipsters, Felons and Others. As expected, there are tons of laugh-out-loud lines delivered from Klaunser's sharp-wit pen. More surprisingly is how cringeworthy tales of blow jobs with goths and bedbug-infested one-night stands are followed with sage observations. For instance, she points out the stark difference between guys and men. (As she writes, if Mad Men was called Mad Guys, it'd star Joe Pesci and not Jon Hamm.)Among her myriad of projects, Klausner is currently writing the pilot for I Don't Care About Your Band, which is being made into an HBO series by Will Ferrell's production company. Klausner will be played by Party Down's Lizzy Caplan, who she calls "deeply, grotesquely funny, not just pretty girl funny." Caplan seems like the perfect choice to deliver the nescassary disdain. Take Klausner's comparison of Kermit to your average, lackluster hipster: "Kermit, beloved frog of yore, suddenly, overwhelmingly, reminded my adult self of vintage-eyeglass-frame-wearing guys from Greenpoint or Silver Lake, who pedaled along avenues in between band practice and drinks with friends, sans attachment, oblivious to the impending hazards of reality and adulthood."
Sun., Nov. 21, 1 p.m., 2010


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