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In Your Bloody Dreams

Bass Island: A mysterious place where the desperate residents are ruled only by their desire for blood and booty. A perpetual, menacing rumble shakes the ground, and the women are scantily clad and ferocious. Before today, it existed only as a twisted figment of your darkest imagination. Tonight the dream becomes reality. Enter Zombies from Bass Island, the latest installation of the popular zombie-theme throwdowns at PS 14. “It’s a sick and stupid party for ghetto-goths. We got that super zombie bass. You’re gonna love it.” So sayeth Nastie, the ubiquitous party promoter with a voice that needs to be heard to be believed (seriously, someone get this guy a podcast). Tonight also marks the return of Nastie’s ventriloquist act, in which he shares the stage with Phony Montana, who is described as “a political puppet with a drug problem.” Okay, then.

Otto Von Schirach, Takeshi Muto of Soul Oddity, and Jaime, one of the first Suicide Girls, will set the party off right. Check out, where she confesses that booty bass gets her hot. She’s gonna be boiling over tonight when she hosts the zombie booty shake contest. “I can imagine a lot of flying blood and clapping asses,” quoth Nastie. So can we, man. So can we. Call 786-444-8647, or visit for the deetz.
Sat., July 28


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