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In the Red

Paper. We write on it, we crumple it up, we fold it into airplanes — otherwise, we don’t give it much thought. But what if some communist dictator told you to stop making all of that beautiful paper art and then used the same paper to cover the country in propaganda posters? Artist Yin Mei witnessed the degradation of paper under Mao Zedong and his red army in China. She has created City of Paper, a postmodern dance performance that explores the Chinese Cultural Revolution through — you guessed it — paper. Dancers and their shadows will writhe and leap around large sheets of opaque paper to atmospheric cello music. Mei received a Guggenheim Fellowship for choreography and has been named a choreography fellow by the New York Foundation for the Arts. Watch City of Paper at the Byron Carlyle Theater this Friday and Saturday as part of Miami Dade College’s Cultura del Lobo series.
Fri., March 19, 8 p.m.; Sat., March 20, 2010


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