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In Heaven There Is No Beer

The Irish love a good story so much that the art of embellishing a tale is often called “Irish liberty.” The legend of Saint Patrick is steeped in such adornments: A Christian missionary about whom very little factual information is known, Saint Patrick is said to have chased the entire snake population of Ireland into the sea, using only a wooden staff. This feat not only sold the Irish on Catholicism, but also scored ol’ Paddy his own national holiday. In America, his good name represents the most acceptable reason all year to get loaded.

Indulge in a bit of your own blarney today at John Martin’s Restaurant & Irish Pub’s annual St. Patrick’s Day street festival. Beginning at 4 p.m., the free fest rages until midnight along Salzedo Street and Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables. So don some green, down a cold pint, and employ a little Irish liberty: Tell the cutie across the bar that despite the fact that your name is Rodriguez, you’re actually Irish. Isn’t everybody today? Tell your tales at John Martin’s.
Mon., March 17, 4 p.m., 2008


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