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In-Flight Confessional

Anyone who has had to suffer the indignity of a lengthy security pat-down, or who has endured a screening of Tom Hanks’s immigration dramedy The Terminal, can tell you: Airports are no fun. But when life handed Paul Tei two back-to-back delayed flight experiences, he found the inspiration for Terminal Baggage, the newest presentation of the Mad Cat Theatre Company.

“When you’re at an airport, you’re really nowhere. You’re in limbo; your life’s on hold. Economic structure goes away, and we’re all the same person,” says Tei. Together with his writing partner Ivonne Azurdia, he wrote twelve vignettes that examine the universality of the traveling experience. Tei and Azurdia’s collaboration is a sparse, geographically shifting performance by eight actors embodying multiple roles. The director plays multiple roles too; Tei also co-wrote, produced, and designed the sets for the play. This world-premiere production is part of the Miami Light Project’s intimate Light Box Studio Performance Series.
Fri., Aug. 11, 8 p.m.


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