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In Miami, the trend is to knock down 60-year-old MiMo motels to make room for monster condos that stand ghostly empty. But elsewhere, aging architecture inspires contemporary photographers. Consider Americana, a photo series by Daniel De Azoulay that documents the depilated landscape along historic Route 66. His saturated color images show the heartland’s abandoned motels, roadside eateries, highway signs with rabbit silhouettes, rusted water towers, and vintage diners with Elvis jukeboxes.

Americana is part of the group show “Photographs,” on display through June 1 at the Daniel Azoulay Gallery. The exhibit also includes work by photographer brothers Carlos and Jason Sanchez, who, for instance, depict a child’s insomnia in their haunting 8 Years Old. Most intriguing, though, is the show’s inclusion of Lynn Goldsmith, a well-known rock photographer who also creates high-fashion, fantastical self-portraits.
May 22-29, 2010


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