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If This Boat's A-Rockin'

Still wondering how to make up for last year's impromptu Valentine's Day bean taco dinner disaster? Well, Bill Sadowski Park is giving you a chance to make your sweetie swoon and not retch. This Sunday, skip the flowers, pack a romantic picnic dinner for two, and head to the annual Valentine's Day Sunset Canoe Tour and Campfire.

Naturalists (that's tree huggers, not nudists) will be on hand to guide lovey-dovey paddlers to Coral Reef Park and back. Afterward, relax around a cozy campfire while feeding each other rhino horn, Spanish fly, oysters, Viagra, and any other potential aphrodisiacs you stashed in your picnic basket. Dress comfortably and wear closed shoes. Save the sexy pumps and lingerie for later.
Sun., Feb. 14, 3:30 p.m., 2010


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