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Hug It Out, Bitch

Fans of the HBO series Entourage can re-enact the antics of Vincent Chase and his goofy gang at Broadway Billiards every week at a hot new party called Entourage Thursdays. Well, at least the ladies can. Women in groups of six or more will feel like A-list celebs when they receive a complimentary VIP table and bottle of Skyy Vodka. Just be sure to RSVP.

Those with a smaller crew can still enjoy drink specials like four-dollar Long Island iced teas and Jäger shots while DJ Fingerprintz spins hip-hop, Latin, R&B, and rock. After you knock back a few, beer goggles might just get the best of you: Whoa, is that Ari Gold at the bar? Oh no, that’s only some short guy with a hairpiece. Wait, is that Turtle onstage getting a fade? Actually it’s just a hefty dude in a jersey, but the hair whizzes at Chop Shop Barbershop are at the party every week, buzzing and trimming away. The party starts at 10:00, and there’s no cover. To make reservations, call 305-931-1900.
Thursdays, 10 p.m., 2007


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