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Howling Optional

As a kid, you were taught wolves were evil. Hell, the Big Bad Wolf even made you think twice about taking a basket of goodies to your ailing grandma. But then you hit puberty and that monster turned into the coolest thing ever, and you wished Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf would play on your high school’s basketball team. Tonight the Fruit & Spice Park will give you another opportunity to upgrade your perception of the sometimes-vicious creature. Instead of sitting at home, complaining about all the full-moon-induced howling you’re going to hear, join the fun at the Wolf Moon Watch and Stargazer Party.

From 7 to 10, there’ll be telescopes for stargazing, sing-alongs around a campfire, refreshments, and a moonlight tram tour of the park. And yes, there will be a live wolf from the Everglades Outpost, and no, he won’t be wearing basketball shorts.
Fri., Feb. 22, 2008


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