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Hotter than Ever

Two years ago, a narrow, aqua-color record store opened in a relatively desolate corner of downtown Miami’s NE Second Avenue. Back then Sweat Records was the new kid on the block, a little music outlet with big ambitions. Then came the rain. Following Hurricane Wilma’s devastation of its original location, Sweat has managed to pick itself up, dust itself off, and come back bigger and better than ever. “We survived a hurricane and a move. It’s nice to feel embraced by the community, and to feel like one of the entities who’s pushing things forward,” says Lauren “Lolo” Reskin, owner of the indie establishment.

Two years has brought a lot of change for Sweat. Now the store is located at the back of rock mecca Churchill’s (5501 NE Second Ave., Miami), and the future is so bright Lolo needs to wear shades. To celebrate the store’s second birthday, everyone is welcome to the Sweat Sound System, a bash that unites art, music, and killer cupcakes. There will be new art on display by Helena Garcia and Ross Ford, a birthday cake by Sticky Fingers Cupcakes, and live music by PG-13, Humbert, Animals of the Arctic, Raffa + Ranier, the Jean Marie, and Boy Prostitute. Admission is seven dollars, and it goes straight into the band members’ pockets.
Fri., May 11


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