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Hot Monkey Love

Did you know that rhinos have sex for hours at a time, reaching their ooh-aah point every two to five minutes? Or that there’s a type of rodent that mates every fifteen seconds for sessions that ultimately last an hour (no, not your rat ex-boyfriend)? If you want to know more about animal erotica, Ron Magill will be presenting his ever-popular “Sex and the Animals” exhibit at Miami Metrozoo’s amphitheater. He promises big-screen blowups of every type of animal dong you can imagine, large and small. Magill has traveled all over the world taking these photos. “I’ve brought cameras where cameras have rarely gone before. I’ve laid down on my back underneath a rhinoceros having a full erection just to get the picture,” says Magill. We say, how strange. Leave the kids at home for this adults-only, funny, and fascinating romp into the sex lives of wildlife. Feast on wine and cheese before you feast your eyes on some beast porn.
Sat., Feb. 10, 7:30 p.m.


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