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Hot, Buttered Soul

Your moose-hatin’ cousin from Alaska comes to Miami to party at a club with four floors, 13 in-house DJs, and the intimacy of a sardine can, but you have more sense, dear little party animal. You prefer a soiree filled with people who are too cool for McClubs, and even if Club Space promised to have the whole Jackson 5 (with young, black Michael on lead mike) to perform a set with Jay-Z, you’d steer clear. Because they didn’t mention an open bar or drink specials, right? Yah. Well, The Vagabond doesn’t have any specials, but it’s dope enough to be the spot anyway. You can never lose with a grassy back yard fitted with a yummy hot-dog-charring grill. Never. And each Tuesday, jazz, blues, soul, and spoken word take over the spot. They call it Stone Groove. You might have thought hipsters liked only music they could do lines to — such as electronic, dance, and electro-dance — but so not true. They can do lines to anything! And Tuesday night, as long as you’re 21 or older, you can watch and/or participate in the Groove. Open-mike signup starts at 10, so if you want to show off more than your herky-jerky dance moves, that’s your chance to queue up.
Tuesdays, 2009


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