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Hot as Hellbound City

You’re naked in your living room, each foot in a bucket of ice water, head wrapped in a wet towel, sitting in front of your air conditioner and watching television reruns while eating a bag of stale chips. Don’t be such a wuss — it’s not even that hot outside! At least not too hot to go out for a night of outdoor movie projections, live music, beer, minigolf, and slow-smoked jerk chicken barbecue (fret not, vegetarians — tofu and sides are available). Ten bucks gets you all of this and more at the monthly ANR BBQ at the UEG — that’s Upper Eastside Garden, in case you didn’t know.

The first Grolsch is free, the minigolf is unlimited, and the movie selections include Benny Hill sketches and European sex instructionals. Musical entertainment will be provided by Junc Ops, whom venue owner Peter Rozek describes as “some crazy, futuristic white rappers.” If it rains, there’s a tent. If the mosquitoes love your flesh, there’s a full arsenal of anti-bite technology. If you like plants, take one home — everything in dirt is for sale. Get to the UEG by 8 p.m.
Sat., July 26, 2008


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