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Honor the Hands of Fire

When jazz legends such as John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, and Dizzy Gillespie needed a percussionist to spice up their grooves with some hot Latin flavor, they called on Candido “Manos De Fuego” Camero. Born in 1921, Camero rose to fame when he was still a child in the streets of old Havana. After relocating to New York City in 1952, Camero immersed himself into the Big Apple’s blossoming jazz scene, collaborating with famed bandleaders such as the late Stan Kenton and participating in the making of more than 400 albums. This year the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts proclaimed Camero an official Jazz Master of 2008. To commemorate the honor, Camero will celebrate with a career retrospective titled 60 Years of Cuban Musical Exuberance.

The show will feature an all-star cast of the finest players in Latin jazz, including vocalist/guitarist David Oquendo, percussionist Nelson “El Flacco” Padron, and pianist Hilario Duran. The drums start banging tonight at 8 in Little Havana in the Manuel Artime Theater. Tickets are $28, $38 and $48. Call 305-461-4970.
Sat., Dec. 22, 8 p.m., 2007


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