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Homegrown Humor

The best homegrown Miami comedy is one that holds a circus mirror up to the face of the city, reflecting all the uncomfortable truths about the people who inhabit its streets. Think Jose El Rey or felt superstar Pepe Billete or Freddy Stebbins, whose one-man show “Miami... Don’t Feed the Natives” demanded — and will get — an encore performance at the Fillmore Miami Beach’s Backstage (1600 Washington Ave., Miami Beach). The actor/comedian and Miami-Dade College professor conjures a whole array of characters that would in every other context be considered stereotypical but in Miami are just our friends and neighbors, our abuelas and our Tio Pepes, our annoying last remnants of anti-immigrant white people still living in South Florida. The oddness of this city makes it easy to poke fun at it, but because it’s coming from a local talent, it’s all in the family. It’s way better than sitting through yet another outsider’s set about overinflated South Beach models and oiled-up snowbird New Yorkers. If Miami is going to be insulted, it damn well better be done right!
Fri., June 6, 9:30 p.m., 2014


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