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Homegrown and Heartwarming

As the program director of the University of Miami’s motion pictures program, Paul Lazarus is immersed in Coral Gables campus life. In the Seventies, Lazarus worked in Hollywood as a producer, on films like Yul Brynner’s sci-fi/western Westworld, and the James Brolin/OJ Simpson vehicle Capricorn One. But it took a remarkable film to bring Lazarus out to perform executive producer duties once more, and the story has a deep Miami connection.

Gringo Wedding was written and directed by Tas Salini, a successful South Florida-based music video producer who studied under Lazarus in his first MFA class fifteen years ago. The former student and professor came together to collaborate on a film that looks like a guaranteed hit. Gringo Wedding is a long-distance love story that takes place in Miami and Colombia, and reveals the sunny beauty of both settings. “The industry has long paid lip service to the Latin population. This movie is about uniting the community. It’s an audience favorite, a romantic comedy, a Cinderella story. And the humor is very Latin-influenced,” says Lazarus. Which means that viewers should expect lots of slapstick and cleavage from this feel-good date movie. Gringo Wedding makes its local debut tonight at twenty local theaters, from South Miami to Boca. Visit for a complete list of theaters.
Fri., May 4


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