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Two weeks ago, the Miami Heat opened the 2010 NBA season against the Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics. It didn’t go very well. Rust and a rabid Boston crowd hit the Heat. It was like a perfect storm of deficiency and doucheyness. A powerful case of the suck struck Dwyane Wade after coming off a hamstring injury that had him sidelined for the entire preseason. Chris Bosh’s game was nowhere to be found either. Meanwhile, LeBron James was at his regal best as he nearly single-handedly brought the Heat back. But the teamwide lethargy was too much — as was the Boston crowd. The Celtics faithful even drummed up an “overrated” chant to taunt the Three Kings. An overrated chant during the first game of an 82-game schedule. That’s how the douche-faithful roll. Well, now that the rust is gone — the Heat has been rolling every opponent since opening night — it’s our turn to host the Celtics and their version of the Big Three this Thursday night. Let’s show the world how we do things down here
Thu., Nov. 11, 8 p.m., 2010


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