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Hold On Loosely

We can think of better times of year to visit Miami Metrozoo. During the summer, the sun is a-blazing and the prospect of an afternoon thunderstorm is constantly looming. But here’s the rub: Summertime is when the kiddies are home, waiting and hoping for an afternoon of fun. So give them what they want and don’t worry about suffering through heat and inclement weather — Metrozoo has got your back with some sweet summer deals.

You might want to come early — regular weekend reptile feedings begin at 11 a.m. at the “Reptiles: The Beautiful and the Deadly” exhibit. FYI: This is the largest traveling exhibit of its kind, and it includes a slithery variety of venomous lizards and snakes, crocodiles, and turtles. If the wriggling kind of animal feeding isn’t enough, visit the Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station from 11 am to 4 p.m.; for two bucks, you can offer foliage to Azizi, the baby giraffe. Other new critters include the giant eland (the largest of all antelopes), baby pelicans, dama gazelles, and red kangaroos. Metrozoo is sprawling and hot, but thanks to misters that spray soothing vapor along the walkways, you’ll be cruising in style. Plus Humpy’s camel rides are now available, so you can take a load off and climb aboard for just five bucks a ride. Zoo admission remains as normal, so visit their website for further details.
June 21-Aug. 31, 2008


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