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Ho Ho Ho!

Attention, Scrooges! We know Black Friday holiday shopping (and the post-Black Friday holiday shopping hangover) has already gotten you down. (Just who was lucky enough to grab that $400 laptop?) It definitely did not get you feeling much like Christmas -- with 80-degree weather, who can blame you? Praise be to Saint Nick there’s a troupe of merrymakers already preparing to cheer you up with festive hysterics: Just the Funny is putting on its Ha!Liday Spectacular show at the Miami Science Museum, kicking off December with some much-needed jolts to the funny bones.

The show will include several holiday-theme skits as well as some improv to keep audiences roaring in their seats. Fill up that flask and get ready to laugh at either or both performances ($10 for the 9 p.m. show; $5 for the unrated, uncut, full-frontal 11 p.m. show; $12 for both). Call 305-MY-FUNNY, or visit
Fri., Dec. 7, 2007


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