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Hmm, Sausages

In the cool, mountainous climes of Bavaria, the tradition of stuffing yourself full of sausage and beer to celebrate autumn seems like mankind’s best idea ever. But here in the subtropical heat, a smorgasbord of wieners and brewskis loses some luster. That’s why we Miamians need to lighten our Oktoberfest load with some physical fun.

This Sunday at noon, begin your bratwurst-and-booze binge at the German American Social Club of Greater Miami, where Oktoberfest Miami will wrap up its first weekend. That’s right, the bash will return October 23 through 25 for another run. But why wait? Get your fill of hendl, haxn, würstel, weizen, and bock right away. Admission is ten bucks for adults, free for kids under 12.
Sun., Oct. 18, noon; Oct. 23-25, noon, 2009


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