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Of all of Alfred Hitchcock's films, his 1935 classic The 39 Steps would probably be the most difficult to adapt to the stage. Yet this week, Actors' Playhouse presents a theatrical adaptation of this complicated spy thriller — full of murder, secret organizations, conspiracies, and dudes in wigs — and injects it with a healthy dose of Monty Python. The movie tells the story of Richard Hannay, who takes a mysterious woman to his apartment one night. Next thing he knows, she's dead with a knife in her back and a map in her hand. Thus Hannay is thrust into one of Hitch's favorite go-to plot lines: an innocent man on the run trying to unravel a mystery. The 39 Steps, a two-time Tony Award-winning play, is filled with laughs, split-second wardrobe changes, inventive stagecraft, and a death-defying finale. For the Actors' Playhouse production, a cast of four plays all 150 characters from the movie. Catch this hilarious suspense thriller at the Miracle Theatre when the show opens this Wednesday.
Wed., May 11, 8 p.m., 2011


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